Monday, September 6, 2010

EMS 2.0 in PDF ... Check it Out!

I've been spreading the word about Chronicles of EMS and the concept of EMS 2.0 ever since they came into my life. I'm a believer. I also had the good fortune to spend some time with Justin, Mark and Ted on a few "A Seat at the Table" episodes which made me even more of an evalengist. These guys, and many that are following them are doing an amazing job of allowing "boots on the ground" firefighters and EMS folks have a say in how the broken system of prehospital care might be mended. Justin put a lot of effort into this document and I know everything he does comes from the heart. Take some time to read it and share.

If you're in the Northern California area, or even if you're not, come see us at the TAK Response Conference ( in San Jose September 14, 15 and 16. Justin and Ted will be there (with cameras) along with Natalie (MsParamedic) and Jeremiah (Jeramedic). We're filming "A Seat at the Table" episodes on the 15th and will have a "Tweetup" on the 16th. Check www.chroniclesofems for details. We'd love to see you there!

In the meantime, here's a taste and a link of the EMS 2.0 PDF. Thanks, Justin, for all your hard work on this.

The term "2.0" brings to mind backing up all your desktop photos in anticipation of some new version of software you're using. It isn't the same, some buttons have moved, the background is different, but it still does the same things. EMS 2.0 does the opposite. We intend to completely change the way the program works while leaving all your favorite features in place, keeping it comfortable ....

Find it Here!

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